Our Products

Yoga Wheel Set

The more the merrier! Our set of yoga wheels offer unmatched comfort and support in three distinct sizes, perfect for yogis of all skill levels. 

Yoga Swings

Gravity got you down? Hop right into our yoga swing to practice some truly elevated inversion poses or perhaps a deep, restorative stretch. 

Yoga Wheel 6 Inch

We didn’t reinvent the wheel, we perfected it. Performance padding over an inflexible ABS frame flawlessly balances strength and comfort.

Yoga Hammock

The UpCircleSeven Yoga Hammock helps deepen your yoga practice while naturally relieving back pain through spinal traction. Get the support you need to increase your strength and flexibility, explore fresh new ways to move your body, and hang upside down with confidence and ease. Improve Inversions. Enhance Backbends. Soothe Your Spine.