About Us


We can all remember our early attempts at yoga. Any nervous or confused energy quickly overwhelmed by the excitement of a positive new beginning. No matter how far we’ve come since then, a yogi’s journey is never complete, for it’s not about the destination, but the discoveries along the way. This mentality inspires our mission to foster your personal and physical growth with simple, quality products that you can easily and endlessly integrate into your practice.


From humble beginnings, our small startup has quickly grown to become the industry standard and market leader of yoga inversion props, all without tricky marketing or mass promotion. We knew our products speak for themselves, but were delighted to find that our customers were doing most of the talking. Generous, enthusiastic yogis, like yourself, couldn’t resist sharing the secret to elevating their practice. Without your help, we would have not been able to improve the lives of tens of thousands yogis around the world, so thank you!

Our Founders

We founded UpCircleSeven in 2016 with the goal of taking yoga to the next level. Sharing a passion for the practice allowed us to acknowledge the perfection of the ancient art, while recognizing an opportunity to innovate. Yogis didn’t need new tools, they needed better ones. Combining our professional backgrounds we embarked on a journey to build a brand synonymous with quality, simplicity, and integrity.