How to Install Your Yoga Swing

How Wide to Install Ceiling Mount Hooks/Brackets:

  1. Stand with your arms straight out to your sides and form a “T” shape with you body.
  2. With your arms spread out, bend your arms at your elbows to form a 90 degree angle with your fingertips pointing toward the sky.
  3. The width from fingertip to fingertip is the recommended length on how far the yoga swing arms should be apart from each other. This is the length that should give you the most comfort during use. 

Common places to hang your swing from:

  • Ceiling mounts
  • Exposed ceiling beams
  • Door frame bar
  • Swing sets

WARNING: DO NOT attempt to attach the yoga swing on a structure you are uncertain about bearing your full weight on as this could result in serious injuries.

Hanging Your Swing

1)  Decide on an area to hang your swing and the mounting/hanging method you want to use.   How you choose to hang your swing will determine the steps to follow below.

2a) If mounting using a beam or door frame bar, please do the following:

  • If the beam or door frame bar cannot be removed, locate the two large loop ends at each end of the daisy chain strap.  Place the daisy chain strap on the support structure and let it hang evenly. With one loop-end in hand, thread one loop through the other loop-end to form a noose knot and pull tight. Do this for both daisy chains.
  • If the beam or door frame bar can be removed, simply slip the beam/bar through one end of each daisy chain loop.

2)  If you are using ceiling mount hooks or brackets, attach one end of each daisy chain to each ceiling mount hook.  Depending on the type of ceiling mount you are using, another pair of carabiners may be needed to attach the daisy chain to the mount. 

3)  You’re now ready to hang the main yoga swing seat. Simply clip a single carabiner to the daisy chain loop of your choice. Each swing seat end should be clipped to only one daisy chain loop. 

4)  Lastly, take the yoga swing arms and attach the carabiners of the arms to the same daisy chain loop you attached the yoga swing seat ends to.

Tip: Adjust the height of the yoga swing so the seat of the swing is at the height level of your navel.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully set up your yoga swing!